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DIY Cable Rail Fittings

Johnson “Quick Fit” 1/8” cable rail fittings can be easily installed by the homeowner that is comfortable and familiar using common hand tools. All fittings are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel.

The “Quick Fit” fittings available on this site can be used on wood framework in straight runs or stairs and can also be adapted for metal framework.

Deck Turnbuckle/Toggle System: 

This fitting mounts to the inside of the end post with two (2) *1/4" diameter stainless fasteners (sold separately). Use a deck turnbuckle on one end of the cable and a deck toggle on the other end for runs up to 25’ or a deck turnbuckle on each end of the cable for runs up to 50’. These fittings articulate up to 140 degrees making them useful on stairs and straight runs. 

*Note: If using your own fasteners, use a minimum 2-1/2” thread length.

Adjuster Stud System: 

This fitting mounts through the end post and is adjusted from the back side by turning a hex nut (sold separately). A 9/32” hole is drilled through the post. A 7-1/2” long all-thread is supplied enabling fitment through a 6x6 post. Use one adjuster on each end of the cable for runs up to 50’. A washer (sold separately) is used with the hex nut giving a simple termination. If desired, the excess thread can be cut off and an acorn nut (sold separately) can be used for a fit finish.

Please refer to JOHNSON Architectural catalog pages 5-11. These pages will answer many common cable railing questions including proper framework, spacing, cable tension and other useful info.

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